LONDON PRO DANCE  - "See the Music hear the Dance" - George Balanchine
London Pro Dance 
aims to provide high quality professionally led classes for children, teenagers, and adults in South West London.
Classes are for children from 3 years upwards focusing on laying a foundation for technique in all dance styles. All the students are encouraged to take of Dance examination during the academic year which accredited to give them educationally recognised value. Further details can be found
    We aim to build confidence and give all our students the opportunity to perform on the stage.      There are regular performance and presentation for parents including theatre productions.

 Wandsworth Road: Stockwell Playhouse- 208 Wandsworth Road SW8 2JU
 Brixton:         Eurolink Centre-Unit11, 49 Effra Rd SW2 1BZ
Streatham:                DDL Capoeira School 136 Streatham High 1BW
                                                             (entrance on Woodbourne   Avenue)  

          For information please

Children ballet class, called “Pre-Primary Ballet” is the start of the graded system used by theRoyal Academy of Dance.
The syllabus is specially designed to train children in and develop in them good posture and poise, grace, coordination, musicality, mental and physical discipline as well as developing a knowledge of and feeling for music.  Free movement and character dance are incorporated into the ballet syllabus from grades 1- 8 to further develop expression, style and rhythm. Exercises and storytelling help the pupils to learn the appropriate steps for their ages in an organised, creative atmosphere.
 All our students have the opportunity to enter for Royal Academy of Dance  Examinationsadditional training during the term of their examination, we will help them to fulfil their full potential. However, exams are not compulsory. When we see your child is ready for an exam we will contact you.


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